"Anyone who has struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor."     

                                                                                                                        - James Baldwin


Did You Know?

Many developing countries have come to rely on some type of assistance, if not through bi-lateral aid from developed countries, or from multi-lateral development banks, then through other non-governmental organizations, including US based non profits.


Mayan women from the Pueblo Nuevo community in Guatemala requested that Bridget and Valentin Salazar (now married) initiate a project to provide access to healthcare.  As a result, they co-founded a community-based healthcare and development 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Global Healthcare Project (GHP), as an initiative to reduce malnutrition and illness.  Since 2004, GHP annually returns to Pueblo Nuevo, Guatemala to implement public health programs and conduct public health assessments.


Global Healthcare Project strives to improve the lives of disadvantaged people in developing countries by supporting local communities that are fighting poverty and disease, adding valuable resources and technical expertise to their skills and knowledge of their culture.  GHP also partners with local organizations, health care clinics, hospitals, schools, and other emergency care response teams as a means to collaborate efforts, not “reinvent the wheel”, and introduce the various local resources to the community we provide.

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Global Healthcare Project recruits volunteers to act as “Public Health Aides” and travel to Guatemala on Public Health Field Expeditions for those volunteers to gain international public health experience and assist GHP in ending the cycle of poverty in rural communities.  One objective is to expose pre-medical students to poverty and its effects in developing countries to instill the humanitarian responsibility of “giving back” to impoverished countries once they become doctors.  Volunteers assist with medical consultations, implement GHP programs, and develop and lead disease awareness classes. 

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GHP understands that not all Western methods for solving problems would function in an indigenous rural community. In fact most will not, we make sure that all proposed solutions grow from within community members as tactics that will fit in with their already difficult lives. 


Our goal is to create a community-sustained project, providing healthcare services, educational programs, and sanitary measures.  GHP works within the community in identifying underlying sources of health and development problems and then works closely with families and community leaders in developing sustainable and culturally sensitive solutions. 


Global Healthcare Project’s programs focus on health, hygiene, and sanitation as a means to prevent the spread of communicable diseases and malnutrition.    Programs are based on the needs of the community it serves.  In Pueblo Nuevo, Guatemala, GHP successfully initiated a rural ambulance program, community pharmacy, waste management program, sanitary butcher shop and public bathrooms. GHP also provides medical clinics, health training, and cycles of disease awareness classes.


Global Healthcare Project is different from other organizations.  GHP has no paid staff, which means we do not use donations to pay salaries.  Unlike most other organizations, 98% of donations go directly to our programs, and the other 2% go toward administrative fees, which means almost all of donations are used to end the cycle of poverty and disease.  GHP partners with other organizations and utilizes their local resources - rare amongst other organizations.  Most importantly, GHP is culturally sensitive and collaborates with the community to create projects and avoids a top-down approach. 


GHP empowers individuals from the community who value their roles and are eager to learn and help their families through education.

Empowerment of community members that possess leadership is the key to the success and sustainability of GHP programs.  It is this kind of leadership that allows the program to grow, develop and be successful and it will be these strong leaders that continue to educate the community and create lasting social change.


GHP focuses on education of  children in the community as a major agent of lasting change and sustainability of programs.

GHP serves 22 villages in the Rural highlands of Guatemala.  GHP volunteers (Public Health Aides) visit the surrounding communities to provide disease awareness and prevention classes.

Knowledge and skill are the keys to positive change within a community.  The citizens of Pueblo Nuevo are hungry for the opportunity to gain these skills.  Providing children with the opportunity to change their lives is the greatest gift that GHP and the generous donors can give to this community. 


Awareness is integral to the goal of preventing communicable diseases, in addition the communities lack ready access to healthcare, and due to  poor hygiene and sanitation the child mortality rate is high. 

GHP provides healthcare services which include medical consultations with subsidized medicines, hygiene/sanitation projects and disease prevention education to prevent child mortality.

More importantly, GHP partners with the local nurse and midwives to promote good hygiene/sanitation, healthy eating, baby weighing and vaccinations.

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It is not a secret that millions of people, mostly children, die each year in developing countries from diseases that are preventable and treatable.  Unfortunately, these individuals were born into countries that do not have the same access to health resources as their Northern and Western neighbors.